Overtakelessness is a container for everything I love in the music world, that I hope to preserve, pass on, and remember how to find again. It's also a small effort to support the vibrant underground radio movement; (see blog post for more history of music on the radio: like many other communication industries, it is one of corporate control and monopoly)...... In return for the tantalizing offering of unprecedented access to a near-infinite archive of music, Big Music wants to program and predict our listening habits, they want to own our data and playlists, and they want a lifetime of monthly subscriptions, which they use to build-out the "rent economy" of other people's music. Big Music lacks underground and obscure tracks unavailable on the internet, and no single streaming service is comprehensive. The algorithms -- as good as some are -- lack human touch, for example, a lifetime of experience in certain genres, regions, or in undefinable spaces of the future. In the words of Prince, "Music is spirit."  The world of music is uncontainable, this blog is a reminder to listen to everything from everywhere. 


*I've borrowed the title from Emily Dickinson's "The overtakelessness of those" 

The overtakelessness of those
Who have accomplished Death
Majestic is to me beyond
The majesties of Earth.

The soul her “Not at Home”
Inscribes upon the flesh—
And takes her fair aerial gait
Beyond the hope of touch.

- Emily Dickinson (1691)