The sound of young London, REPREZENT 107.3, plays the most "upfront tunes" London has to offer, featuring-- at my last count-- 64 different live shows, from local DJs. Everyone involved in this station is under 25 years old and "on the cutting edge of music across a range of genres." But really, they are. The cult station, founded in 2011, is heavy in electronic and hip hop from across the world, but also includes a diverse offering of folk, pop, disco, house, dancehall, bassline, garage, grime, "and everything else you want to hear." They will always surprise you, and they follow none of the rules. 

Reprezent is also pushing the boundaries of what is possible with radio, functioning also as a a forward-looking, free-thinking social enterprise, including campaigning on youth issues including domestic violence, unemployment or global current affairs; to London's youth as young as 13 years old, the station says: "we give you a platform to be heard."

There is at least one adult around, the station manager Adrian Newman -- self-described as more gateaux than ghetto --- presides over, in his words: "a bunch of kids creating shows and making my hair go grey as we desperately try to stop the flow of libel and defamation."* Thanks to Newman, the station is also a independent media training ground for up to 2000 young people every year and boasts alumni at major UK media outlets such as BBC, Capital FM, and Ministry of Sound

Listen to Reprezent live on the internet, listen on your phone via free radio apps (such as Tunein), listen to archives -- to your right on Sound Cloud, join their over 12k followers on Twitter @ReprezentRadio.

Save Reprezent Radio - for Indiegogo (2015)

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