Hype Machine

Today, as it happens, is my 5 year anniversary with Hype Machine, the Brooklyn-based music website that sets out to make "the most culturally rich music discovery experience on the web." Judge for yourselves, but I adore this site and use it regularly, especially if I crave something unexpected or new -- especially electronic and dance remixes, and artists in the alt-indie-pop-rock dimension.

Hype Machine, at heart, is an online music forum, a clearinghouse of sorts, for music from a handpicked set of 684 music blogs. Music lovers can search, consume, discover artist and tracks from other music lovers. And, as they put it, "this way, your odds of stumbling into awesome music or awesome blogs are high." The best place to start is to get in there and see for yourself, but here are a few tips from my last 5 years using the site:

  1. Sign up. It is worth having an account because if you find a song you like, you can <heart> it, and Hype Machine saves it for you in a playlist of "favorites."
  2. The stack is a weekly mix of the "most interesting new music on the web, handpicked by the Hype Machine team" -- you can get it by email, or at your own leisure on the site. Some weeks I skip through most songs, in other weeks I <heart> every single one.
  3. On the site, every month or so, I like to go to the list of Popular Artists; hit play on the first artist, and Hype Machines plays 1 track each, from the 10 most popular artists on the site at the time, in descending order. 

Why does Hype Machine exists? As they lovingly put it on their website: 

We are creating tools that empower independent voices that write about music. We think a select group of passionate people can produce more engaging conversation than a huge social mob, or a rigid hierarchy of editors. We amplify their posts and the audio they choose, to help this vibrant culture spread.

This is why we wake up.