Kenan and Kray: Chances with Wolves

There is an great interview with the founders of Chances With Wolves, by Josie Hoden, on the blog In a small excerpt of the interview, on the question of whether there is "a rule that every DJ should follow:" 

Kenan: I don’t know about telling anybody anything, but I know that a big part of our approach on the show was sincerity and authenticity. There’s very little posturing around the music that we play. It is what it is. And a lot of it is stuff that no one paid attention to in the first place—it was overlooked, a “weird” record.

Kray: Yeah, I always used to call them beautiful failures. Most of the people we play are people who made this beautiful art that no one gave a shit about. And it just languished in some box. It was successfully beautiful.

I like to imagine Chances with Wolves is run by two actual wolves, that are also DJs, but they have to hide their identity as wolves because humans are too thickheaded to be befriend the animal kingdom. When the wolf-DJs return to their packs, which is most weeknights and every other weekend, they sing songs together late into the night. 

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