Gorilla vs. Bear

In the mania of ubiquitous-music-availability, Gorilla vs. Bear has been a beacon for over 10 years. Gorilla vs. Bear exposes a huge stream of new underground music, making it available to listen (and sometimes download) for free. Millions of monthly visitors, including me, rely on the site as a pathway to new music that we do not find anywhere else. Dallas-based Chris Cantalini founded the site and is joined by Creative Director, David Bartholow, and photographer Faith Silva.

The GvB method is simple, according to the founder: 

“Everything from our musical taste to the aesthetic vision really just amounts to what David and I think is interesting or cool or moving at the time . . . And I think we’ve been able to maintain that over time by not diluting it through overextending ourselves or clouding the vision with additional contributors.”*

Here's to the next 10 years of independent, undiluted taste-making!







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