Berlin Community Radio

Anastzja Moser and Sarah Miles started Berlin Community Radio in March 2015, and it now has 24 hour a day DJs, playing culture-forward electronica, dance, hip hop, and a range of experimental music. Most artists on the station do monthly shows -- you can listen live, or stream it for free on the BCR Radio Mixcloud. The station started as a podcast, Welcome To The Room, where the women interviewed different artists and musicians coming through Berlin. In the founders' words:

At the time, no other radio station in Berlin was inviting these artists to present themselves. We both love radio and come from cities where radio still plays an important role in sharing culture. When Welcome To The Room grew a strong organic following of both local and international listeners, we decided we wanted to take our ideas further and to give other creative people living in Berlin a chance to produce their own radio shows

Naturally, it is also important to present new ideas – Berlin has changed a lot since we have lived here and a lot of new communities have evolved and we want the radio station to reflect this. Since all our shows are in English, people from abroad can also listen and learn about Berlin and its creative scene. They can tune in and feel a part of the scene. The radio station brings people together locally and at the same time represents Berlin to the outside.

Berlin Community Radio's aim is to bring together the continually evolving communities of the city and to establish a modern platform for cultural exchange.** I haven't checked these out, but BCR also has shows on: arts, music across genres, culture, relationships, queer politics, literature readings, feminism discussions, gender and internet phenomenons, and "everything that is coming from, passing through or influencing the creative scene in Berlin."





*interview with Projekt Zukunft (Sept. 4, 2015)