Intergalactic Agrarian Mixtape

The Intergalactic Agrarian Mixtape is a remarkable compilation of American folk music, produced by the Greenhorns and Hudson Valley farmer, entrepreneur and artist Audrey Berman. 

The 2015 Intergalactic Agrarian Mixtape Track Listing:

1 - Sink ʻEm Low
Artist: Max Godfrey

2 - Sun to Sun
Artist: Anna and Elizabeth

3 - Bean Meditation
Artist: Laura Brown-Lavoie

4 -  Stewball
Artist: Max Godfrey and Elias Alexander

5 - Farthest Field
Artist: Monks, nuns, and folks at the Blue Cliff Monastery in the Catskills

6 - Sew the Seasons
Artist: Brother Chicory

7 - The Longest Train
Artist: Max Godfrey

8 -  Diamond Joe
Artist: Max Godfrey

9 - Do Not Mortgage the Farm
Artist: Brian Dewan

10 - Work
Artist: Brian Dewan

11 - The Ballad of Hawkwood
Artist: Robin Grey

12 - John Ball
Artist: Robin Grey

13 -  In the Garden
Artist: Twain

14 - Family Farm
Artist: Chris Dorman

15 - Principles of Crop Rotation
Artist: Rob Reid

16 - Happy
Artist: The Whiskey Farm

17 - Farmerman Life
Artist: Collieman

18 -  Think About Poop
Artist: Danjo

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