FIP ("feep")

FIP* is my one of my favorite radio stations playing music that lights on almost all genres, across hundreds of years of material of "autors du rock, du jazz, du groove, du monde et des nouveautés musicales." How I fell in love with Fip Radio is the title of a 2009 piece in The Guardian which says it all. And. as this American listener agrees, so here is:


How I, too, fell in love with FIP radio.

Almost every track feels like one of those beautiful deep cuts, that you unearth by accident, in someone's record collection, or as an offering from the depths of youtube, or from a friend who has learned from her elders, or sometimes even from an excellent soundtrack. I know of no other station like it, yet, the music is somehow good for almost any occasion. 

Things you may hear in a row on FIP:
French rap
California Soul
Rock of all varieties: Indie, Surf, Yacht, Punk, 'N roll. 
Electronic Dance
World musicians covering the Beatles in indigenous languages
Live Elvis
Clips of Barack Obama audio


The music is frequently beyond Shazam, Spotify, and even Apple Music, for those of us who have our tunes in the clouds. So nothing to do but sit back and listen.



*"How I fell in love with Fip Radio"by Johnny Dee
The Guardian (2009)

*FIP stands for France Inter Paris, but no one calls it that.

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